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I really do have the feeling that someone is stalking me like a tard. No offence though, but yeah..

Thank you Jie Yi for helping, and Kesinee for listening. Heh. :) <3 It's appreciated.
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As we recall.

Read my previous blog posts, and i felt much happier back then. This month hasn't been good. It sucked lots.
So yeah, decided to blog here instead of here. My friends are no longer mine. I don't know what to do now, it seems like a dream, y'know..

It's only my friends that she takes particular interest in. WHY WHY WHY! I'd almost lost Vanessa, and i'd lost Soon Kiat, and what's up next? Losing Kimberly? I want all of these to perish from my life. I cried 'cause of this matter. I no longer want to break down. I know i must stay strong, in order to get back on track with my friends, like before. I miss those good old days. I really do.

So yeah, let's talk about some other things. :D
Recently, there's this stalker - Name shall not be mentioned, stalking me in my blog. I bet she don't know i knew it was her, all along. Hehz. Okay *skipskip*

Gah you, gah me. School's reopening tomorrow, and i've yet to get everything settled with YOU. Okay, never mind about that.
I hope things will go back to where it was before.

Alright, i guess i shall end here. Bye lovelies. :)
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The little stars that shines beautifully.

Good evening my readers, it's 7 9pm now.
New LiveJournal account, surprised? Hah, decided to create a new one. xP But have yet to post this draft since 27th October.
P/S : Due to the fact that i'm lazy to repeat everything that i'd said in Xanga, i shall copy whatever that i'd wrote in Xanga to this blog! :D

Bewareeee! Hehz, long post ahead!! :D
Omgawd! Had not been updating this dead blog for so long! Y'know something? :) EOY's over, and it's the 2 month break now! Party all day long, hehz. "This is all so crazy, everybody seemed so famous." *skipskip, hehz* "Jay-z song was on"! Hehz, you're right! It's part of the lyrics from Party in the USA. Miley Cyrus look so damn effin' hot in the MTV man!

Well, time flies, don't they? Dad had bought me a new phone, and changed my prepaid card plan to a line one. :) Thus, i'm currently using the Starhub network - Unlimited numbers of messages sent, and also free incoming calls!

It's the 14th of November today, Felicia is flying off to China (a school trip) with the school tomorrow night! Awww, gonna miss her lots. I mean it alright.! ): Had always been thinking of RetardedRibenas' outing. Since the all of us can't find ourselves an appropriate timing to meet up, we'll have to NOT see each other for quite a long while. Gosh. :\

On a side note, 2012 (the movie which i'd always wanted to watch) had came out! I'm extremely eager to watch it with both Andy and Callista tomorrow! Hehz, hope the movie is as good as what those random people had commented it.


You're my sweetest drug.
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